pass the cranberries please…

I’m puking again even before I stuff my gut with Ben’s National bird.

“Black Friday” has already BEGUN  nine (9) days before it is supposed to start!

Read all about it:

I have a great recipe which was sent to me by my favorite chef from the Iroquois Nation, (Thank GOD for Native American sovereignty!)   “Inca Bob” products division has entered into big Pow-Wow talks with elected tribal chiefs & braves to distribute his intoxicating, yet natural and refreshing, herbal beverage imported from the Andes Mountain’s in Peru which will be sold on select Reservations and Casinos.

And to all you Pilgrims who have asked what will your home values be worth after the collapse of the EuroZone and it’s effect in the USA regarding the dollar… look to a 20-30%  loss in equity or more.

Here is a picture of what the new currency will look like, which will be issued by the Governments of Canada, USA & Mexico who will unite as a newly formed enterprise.

NYC will de-value it’s rents as well, consumer goods in the city have been on sale 50-70% for a while, expect world wide prices to tumble overnight when the Dollar defaults a couple of months after the Euro…  the new currency will be the “Amero”, which was supposed to go into effect in 2008 but has been sitting on the sidelines, exchange rate will be something like $100 dollars will equal an Amero penny.



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