Turkey blues

Ben Franklin wanted the Turkey to be our National bird but was voted down by the Continental Congress (a.k.a. Free Masons) who actually choose the Bald Eagle as a joke to ridicule Franklin.

Franklin wanted to honor the Turkey because of it’s historical significance of saving the lives of  those first Pilgrim’s who left England and came to these shores on behalf of God.

They were served wild turkey, deer and vegetables by the Wampanoag natives which helped them survive their first cold winter in America… sadly, they were murdered a couple of years later by the Pilgrims for their land and resources which was their original objective to come to America after all, not God or Religious freedom.

These are Wild Turkey’s

Despite the proliferation of smiley faced pilgrims at supermarkets or retail stores, in Plymouth Massachusetts, where this story began, The Wampanoag tribe still survives and will again be educating people about Thanksgiving as they have been doing since 1970… to learn more about Thanksgiving history, click on the following link:


A revolution in 1776 created a government which endorsed slavery for 90+ years with additional laws sanctioning the lynching of it’s citizens well into the 1960’s, but today we have murder by shopping.

“Black Friday” has become the new religion of our secular government and for companies who manufacture products made in a godless country called China.

Millions of  Americans have been brainwashed into a shopping addiction on every National Holiday for markdowns of crap they never needed in the first place.

TV NeWS promotes these fanatical shopping sprees on behalf of it’s sponsors and justify it as NEWS in order to work up a frenzy of excitement amongst the population.

TV NeWS works on behalf of our Illuminati Government & Banking system who have always used Thanksgiving and Christmas to foster greedy, self indulgent Pilgrim beliefs all in the name of GOD which is a major blasphemy not discussed in our society.

In my opinion, if you participate with “Black Friday”, and give “THANKS” to the savings you THINK your gettin’ from Communist China’s cheap, slave made products… in effect you have also accepted that God and the Devil are one and the same deity.

You may ask, “OMG! …is there a bit of Salvation in all this? …how can I be saved?”

Yes Pilgrim you can, simply boycott “Black Friday” for advertised bargains because they simply do not exist… your just paying for items which were marked UP all year and are now running to the stores like lab mice, buying them at prices marked DOWN, got it?



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