Daily Archives: November 9, 2011


Now that the economy is improving just in time for the Holidays, or is it for the upcoming elections or end of the world?  In any case, as we near 2012, now is a good time to let you see what ENON & ZOEE®  Rock Boys™ Cyber Gear looks like.

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I’m not interested in people who say they want to invest in my products in order to only make money, or the ones who say they want to, “…do something good in the world.” yet never do.

If YOU truly want to do something good in the world, then I welcome your participation, if not,  just get lost.  I don’t WANT your money.

My products WILL generate substantial wealth, upwards of  a billion dollars in 10-20 years time, I AM seeking investors who have courage, fortitude and enough vision to see the big picture as well as create goodwill around the globe.

Follow your passion and all your dreams will come true!