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Happy New Year!



Peace Out!


Happy New Year!

In addition to our Hawaiian blend of Pineapple Mango Koka Tea not to be out done by the ever popular Cherry Sassafras Koka Tea, we will also be shipping my personal favorite Ginger Lime Koka Tea!

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NASA gear…

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420 usa!

POT USA 4-20-13

my tree

Well, I finally put my tree up and it looks just like this picture…

Zax speaks!

You gotta love the way Brits go about dealing with Murdoch, his recent pie in the face reminds me of the way folks were punished in 1627 on this little island called Manhattan.

After being put in stocks, criminals were pelted with rotten produce and worst.

Rotten goose eggs are now being discussed as the favored pelting for Rupert or James which has a running 10 to 1 bet all over England… hmmm.

Meanwhile, here in the USA, the space shuttle ended 30 years of service and although it has made many strides with regards science, it really is time for NASA to develop newer methods of transportation… I’ve been told my concepts were too far ahead of their learning curve… something like 100 years ahead of it’s time, maybe more.

The human body is a spaceship… clothing is the fuel!  (click on art for larger image).

Summer Fun

Well, here we are … yep, it’s Summer in the Big Apple and if we can get through it without another sex scandal from our elected officials, (who I believe most, but not all, are devoid of any real virtue) and are prone to dictate to the American Public their shocking, yes shocking behavior in office well by golly, that would be nice.

And since we’re on the subject of nice, I had the pleasure to attend the Mermaid Parade down yonder in Coney Island and it was really great to see folks enjoying the day with all the festivities, expressing themselves to honor the creatures of the deep blue sea.   The participants and crowds were jubilant and by the looks of the smiles which were in abundance, they truly make New York the Greatest City in the World!

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FACT: Yes, Mermaids are capable and frequently do swim on land.