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Counting down to ObamaCare!

In order to avoid the fiscal cliff ObamaCare will be pushing them over, ALL Companies doing business in the USA will soon implement a 30 hour or less work week for millions of people on January 1 2014,  doing this will qualify companies to become exempt from having to provide their employees any health plan.  Full time workers will become part-time employees and will have to pay for coverage themselves OR be subject to a “penalty” by the IRS if they do not purchase a health plan.  It’s THE LAW, (nice work Barry).

Barack ObamaFearless leader?

But first… a little history about Generation’s X, Y and Z.

In the United States a Baby Boomer is a person who was born during the Post–World War II “baby-boom” years of 1946 and 1964, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The term “Generation Jones” has sometimes been used to distinguish those of us born from 1954 onward from older Baby Boomers.

I was born in ’54, so I belong to this Generation Jones sub-group of boomers… we ARE the dregs… the bottom of the boomer barrel and have always been treated as such by them.

Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X, is the generation born after the Western Post–World War II baby boom. Demographers, historians and commentators use dates from the early 1960s to early 1980.

The Millennial Generation, also known as Generation Y, is the demographic group following Generation X whose beginning birth years are from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

Generation Z is one name used for the group of people born after the Millennial Generation which some sources have it starting in the late 1990’s or from the mid 2000s to the present day… This is the generation which is currently being born.

So what we have today is Gen Y bent over and about to take it dry and sideways from the older Boomers who have them and everyone else stuck with their own non-repudiable student loan debt, housing, crazy high rents and other crap specifically pinned to them without recourse while the older Boomers and their mac-daddy puppet in the White House heap Medicare Part D onto their entitlement bounty as Gen Y are being herded like lambs to slaughter under ObamaCare… just in time for the older Boomers to retire and feed their Health Industry’s much needed dollars.


Gen Y have all been conditioned via our Orwellian media and educators  to think socialism is just perfect and have them clamoring for more!


Because they are the product of older Boomer administrated schools… They’ve been trained like lab mice to howl about the demon 1% without realizing their real enemy is the older Boomer parasite class  who have overcharged them for their education, promised them jobs that don’t exist, robbed them of their future.  Many older Boomers weren’t bright enough to save for their retirement and have no intention today of moving out of the job market.


America Schools have long conditioned young people to become nothing more than idiots to serve this structure, from the Beaver Cleaver 50’s to the 2010’s.  The current establishment wants compliant people who will sacrifice their labor and well being as well as funnel their lives into the central planners scheme to support their form of government under the guise of patriotism while creating more wars to enlist young people to be a part of expeditionary forces, blow up and shoot dusky shaded people around the world, not for our freedom, but for oil, Wall Street bankers and all our politicians who’s agenda is to get a job and instill fear amongst us all… they care little about who comes home from their war without arms or legs, or if they come home at all.

Gen Y needs to wake up!

old-people-crossing-376x300Gen Y Crossing signs are being put up all across the USA.

Obama’s socialism is simply one set of people ripping off another set of people to sacrifice for their benefit… it’s going to be pretty rough for Gen X, Y & Z as they age under ObamaCare.

Gen X is birthing and conditioning Gen Z, and if Gen Y lets the boomers take them for a ride any longer, even if us  Gen Jones dregs try to help them, their Gen X predecessors and their Gen Z antecedents are going to leave them behind.

I saw this entire fiasco developing as a youth which is why I wanted nothing to do with their educational system or it’s brainwashing.


Sadly, our schools today produce simple minds, people who are not capable of logical thought, they have become zobots, plugged into an electronic paradigm feeding on itself like bacteria. 

Under ObamaCare, they will now be keeping themselves in servitude, “hoping for change” …alone and confused… forever.


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