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The Velvet Underground

The Black Angel’s Death Song ¬†(1966)

The myriad choices of his fate
Set themselves out upon a plate
For him to choose
What had he to lose

Not a ghost bloodied country
All covered with sleep
Where the black angel did weep
Not an old city street in the east
Gone to choose

And wandering’s brother
Walked on through the night
With his hair in his face
On a long splintered cut from the knife of G.T.

The rally man’s patter ran on through the dawn
Until we said so long
To his skull-shrill yell

Shining brightly red-rimmed and
Red-lined with the time
Infused with the choice of the mind
On ice skates scraping chunks
From the bills

Cut mouth bleeding razor’s
Forgetting the pain
Antiseptic remains cool goodbye
So you fly
To the cozy brown snow of the east
Gone to choose, choose again

Sacrificial remains make it hard to forget
Where you come from
The stools of your eyes
Serve to realize fame, choose again

And roverman’s refrain of the sacrilege recluse
For the loss of a horse
Went the bowels and a tail of a rat
Come again, choose to go

And if Epiphany’s terror reduced you to shame
Have your head bobbed and weaved
Choose a side to be on

If the stone glances off
Split didactics in two
Leave the colors of the mouse trails
Don’t scream, try between
If you choose, if you choose, try to lose
For the loss of remain come and start

Start the game I che che che che I
Che che che ka tak koh
Choose to choose
Choose to choose, choose to go.


Lou Reed R.I.P

Lou-Reed 1970LOU REED in1969

Cherished Memories of Lou:

In the summer of 1969, after John Cale left the Velvet Underground, Sterling Morrison rented a house in Wading River, L.l. where I was living at the time, he became my neighbor, I was 14 yo.

Martha was Sterling’s girl friend who he would later marry, she subsequently became an art instructor at my school for the summer, we became friends because she was hot and she let me create all I ever wanted to create as well as hang out with her. I eventually became her assistant… re-arranging the seating¬† in a “U” shaped plan so she could teach the kids better, designing t-shirts and just having fun… it was a Catholic Boarding School called “Little Flower”.

I remember this one nun, a Sister Francine who used to stare at Martha’s derriere because she wore tight denim cut-offs which were all the rage at the time… the girls called them, “hot-pants”.


Halloween in 1969 was at Martha’s, she invited me, so I went… she introduced me to Sterling & Lou and other folks who trickled in from Warhol’s Factory from Manhattan who journeyed to their house.

As the evening progressed I was given a substance , a barrel shape tab called “orange sunshine” … next day, I wound up at another party in the Hampton’s, (don’t ask!) and eventually made my way back home… forever changed.

MANHATTAN FlyerYours Truly… BARTO 1980 NYC

Several weeks later, I turned 15… there was another party where friends of Martha’s were staying… I have very good memories of that party despite the fact the house burned down the next day… word was a cigarette had been smouldering in the couch which eventually ignited… the one fatality was a yellow canary.

I eventually ran away from school at 16… hitch-hiked to California and became a nobody… was picked up by the highway patrol and after a couple of months of being in their juvenile delinquent facility, I finally told them my name, where I was from, was subsequently flown back on a 747 Jumbo airliner… I sneaked into first class and partied with a widow on the second floor, we became wonderful friends after landing at JFK… whereby I ran away again… never to return, living a haphazard life traveling around the country, hitching back to California drifting up to Canada traveling back to NY via Niagara Falls and winding up in the Village where the rents were cheap, the parties plentiful, having art shows with others in a desolate, abandoned part of the city which was developing to become a hub for artists… SoHo.

I was now 17yo…¬† almost legal & punk. (1971)

In 1979 Lou inspired me to create a magazine in order to show Warhol that his magazine, “Interview” was passe… so I did naming it “IMPACT” it was eventually mailed to Warhol which naturally irked him.

Later on, Lou married Laurie Anderson whom I promoted in IMPACT Magazine (1980), her perfomance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music truly was a historic event… another great memory.

Prior to his release of a song he had been working on in his head before 1972 (Walk on the Wild Side) Lou’s poetry and style had a great influence on my life as a youth.

Now that he’s gone, history is catching up with the fragments of all our lives. I hope a younger Teen Generation will see fit to keep his music alive… so many memories are washing over me like the tides.

God Bless Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison and the Velvet Underground!


TransLUX… with David Icke



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