Always good to hear from all of you whenever I return from my annual fishing hiatus in the Adirondacks, to the place of my birth, this foul stench, over priced, over hyped “city that never sleeps”, which I love dearly with all my heart and soul… N-Y-C

I do long for those roof top barbeque parties I hosted way back in 1981, they went so well I thought it might be time to host them again as autumn approaches for these anxious times.

Bloomberg has his spies all over the place these days so I’ll have to be careful when it comes to having my BBQ parties way up on top of my favorite penthouse skyscrapers.

All decent people in NYC are glad his corrupt administration is making that final journey into oblivion.

With that said, let’s move onward!

If your a subscriber or on our mailing list …guess what?  Your invite is secure and the drinks as usual are all on me.

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The recent battle regarding my IMPACT Trademark is soon to be resolved at the Patent & Trademark Office in Washington, DC.  Licensing of my brands will commence as scheduled, it’s the smartest plan at present, one which I am happy to report is in the works, so buckle your seats …get ready for take off!


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Currently developing his branded sportswear collection ROCK BOYS for manufacturing and licensing. Serious investors with capital who understand the clothing industry will receive a favorable percentage of 25% equity in the ROCK BOYS product line. If your interested, contact Robert at

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