the Sheeple…

The fact Edward Snowden broke his oath to not reveal what the government was doing is insignificant.

The events leading up to the Boston bombing were not stopped by the NSA, FBI or CIA, proving this policy to spy on every citizen did not prevent that attack, nor did it stop what was going on in Benghazi.

They claim over fifty (50) terrorist attacks were prevented this year alone, but for some weird reasons have provided no names of the assailants or what detention facility they are currently in… it all sounds bogus to me.

We are all now Guilty until proven Guilty by our government and their warped justification for spying on us is that in order to protect freedom for Americans they have to destroy it.

In my opinion, Edward Snowden IS a patriot and if the Founding Fathers were alive today they would say the same thing.

Tyranny today IS the Government in Washington, They DO NOT represent “We the People”, they represent corporations and what is in the best interest for Communist China.

We should have ended the Cuba embargo after Russia got rid of Communism, but the buffoons in government, both Democrats and Republicans do not know a damm thing about Peace because War is what puts money into their pockets.

Politicians are very clever to manipulate the sheeple who daily watch our Orwellian News media, gladly tootin’ their horn against citizens who expose our elected leaders determination to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And what’s with all this nonsense about his lack of a formal education… since when did dropping out of High School become a crime?


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