Ok, ok… I know that resident was a bit too angry with “da Mayor” in my previous video post, but hey… that’s life in the Big Apple.

Perhaps Bloomberg should donate 10 billion to the recovery effort, it would be an inspiration to all his Wall Street pals and cronies to give back to the city they all claim to love by rebuilding it’s infrastructure, why they could even match Federal and State grants to construct a protective seawall or barrier to avert future disasters and all New Yorker’s will have the “Bloomberg Sea Wall” or “Bloomberg Waste Treatment Plant N0.99” on their lips for generations to come.

No doubt his name would also be rewarded with a plaque somewhere on the sidewalk, our public servants, (Politicians) have this fetish or need to have their names inscribed everywhere on taxpayer funded projects even if they never paid a dime to build it.

Here is another informative video about our great leader.

If he donated ALL of his assets to the City of New York to benefit it’s citizens, he would deserve a bronze statue erected in Bowling Green, similar to what Saddam had in Iraq before it was torn down, the festivities commemorating his achievements would echo within the canyons of Broadway every year on his Birthday… ahhh yes, a permanent tribute for an ego driven politician which others will try to match.


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