Well it’s nice to see everyone’s still alive after the storm and the Nation’s Financial Institutions are all waving late fees and other charges to our accounts, wishing us (in their lukewarm way) the concern they have for us in order for us to get back on track and pay them the exorbitant interest rates they deem they are worthy of… hmmmm…

The proclamations from our elected leaders that our water is “safe to drink” harken me back to the smoldering towers on 911 which burned for 3 months (more about that later) when they said the air was “safe to breath”, air which eventually caused 900+ first responders to die in the following years as a consequence.

New Jersey water is not safe to drink, but NYC water is ok, because hiz honor said, “were adding MORE chlorine”… uhm yeah, you mean more BLEACH, plus Fluoride both of which cause cancer?!?

My advice is to boil it and if at all possible, do not drink the water unless you really have to.

In any case, I could rant on and on about why our elected leaders had no contingency plan in place after experiencing a hurricane here last year, but I won’t, they care less about my opinions and are more concerned about being re-elected… however, the Guv did acknowledge that we now have a “new weather pattern”… it’s a softly spoken hint from them and the first official indication that the coming pole shift is beginning to occur.

Moving forward, Let’s all hope we can get our newly elected leaders to bring manufacturing back to these shores and put an end to allowing the ridiculous construction of 90 floor “luxury” apartments which sell for 100 million dollars per unit just to have a view of Central Park.

If that’s not possible, show us how ethical your money really is, double click on the introduction of our social compliance label below to read my standard of what it means to be healthy, wealthy and wise!


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