MAYA update…

Or am I’m just high on Tonic Water? …get ready for the day all hell is suppose to begin breaking loose… NIBIRU style.  From August 17 to September 26 (40 days) planet earth will experience more earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, thunderstorms and record setting heatwaves. In the first week of January up to February 15 our planet will be bombarded by the debris, rocks etc. being dragged by Nibiru, so pay attention to these event because as the MAYAN calendar informs, it’s going to get very exciting…

Also, If the Euro and dollar crash in the coming months, expect marshal law to be implemented and the presidential election to be suspended…I hope this does not happen but the signs are getting stronger every day that this scenario may be unavoidable if the banks do default… my advice?   Stock up on foods like grains, oats, flour, dried beans, canned tuna, dried fruits, nuts and water for at least a 6 months supply and move to higher ground.

The map below indicates how the surge of water will look in the NY Metro area…the existing water level is in light blue, the dark blue is land that will be under water, the yellow area is land which will be a safe place to be in the event of the coming tsunami.

Click on the map for a larger image.


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