So many of you have emailed me requesting background information regarding my teen age years and certain developmental stages, well… when I was in 5th grade, I took a keen interest to study ancient history, not as a required part of any social studies curriculum, but simply for my own understanding of the way things are and the WHY of it all which forced my inquisitive little brain to run away from a State Funded, Catholic Diocese boarding school in Wading River, way out on Long Island’s north shore.

Yes,  Art and the Greek Classics were a part of my curiosity because I enjoyed leisure sports like archery, swimming, wrestling, horseback riding, long jumping and relay races all done in the nude, they were all very natural for me in my youth and some still are… newly added Bike tours are fast becoming popular on the American landscape, should we all paint ourselves on Clay Vases for archeologists to discover in the year 2525?

Those activities came in very handy when I decided to strike out on my own at the tender age of 16 to see the world and live on my own, not to bike nude, but to use my God given talents in order to survive… never looking back, always looking forward!

Earth’s Tetrahedron Grid (Ley Lines)

Our ancestors could never participate in the continuum of these current events… but how great that we are a manifestation (or at least a shadow part) of their existence through our genetic codes.

History is very much like Autofellatio... we humans are always feeding on ourselves in a never ending cycle of birth, death and re-birth, it’s the yin-yang of our whole point of being alive.

Chalice Mandala

After a person dies, they loose 21 grams in weight  as studied by Dr. Duncan MacDougall… Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov photographed the souls, different energy fields during & after death which prove our souls are passing through this life towards Gods paradise… click on the following link to see the cross in our bodies.

I’m always grateful and humbled to meet new people who are doing positive things, my love for humanity grows stronger with every passing day despite the  hardships endured by my innocent choosing.

Remember, a good friend is like a star, you may not always see me, but I am always here even when I am far away… and remember:

Never Give Up!


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