The End is Here!

Strange weather patterns… There is no doubt the Pole shift is coming.  Planet earth is processing a Newtonian law exactly as the Sun does every 11 years.  It will happen.  When the shift rate of 25 miles a year increases to 30 and then 70 miles per year, the rate of change will steepen and the effects on the ecology will be even more profound than they are now… so be prepared!

Animals most sensitive to these magnetic fields are already expressing their anxiety.  Birds are ceasing to breathe in mid-flight, plunging to the ground by the tens of thousands.  Schooling fish are swimming ashore, and perfectly healthy whales have been beaching themselves for decades.  Wake up, people.  Be aware of your surroundings.  And, above all, apply your intention to the human race towards achieving humanity… click 2X’s on my Editorial “poem” below to read it.

Happy Independence Day!


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