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“A group of students from Brooklyn were forced to leave the 9/11 Memorial for throwing garbage into its reflecting pools… The students from Junior High School 292 in East New York were visiting the site on a class trip Thursday when witnesses said they threw baseballs, empty plastic soda bottles and other trash into the water.”

Now this has got my blood boiling!

It’s bad enough to see how very few folks in this city of 19 Million souls made no donations to purchase a paving stone in order to offset construction costs.

Click on the Memorial Guide below to see it larger.

The fact that many prominent names are absent really annoys me… people like Bill & Hillary Clinton or even daughter Chelsea who now lives in my old stomping ground in Gramercy Park never gave a penny, nor did George Bush and neither did Michael Bloomberg… all certainly having more wealth than most, yet they all barked loudly for WAR and retaliation when the Towers went down but donated nothing at all to the Memorial or Museum except their chronic rhetoric which some have compared to Hitler-esque  propaganda, designed to motivate the masses to support their personal agendas.

New World Order conspiracy?  nah!… just a politicians ego trip.  Their real concern is raising funds for the construction of Presidential and Corporate Libraries to hold their junk for future historians, this article will also be added to their pile!

Here is the WTC site link:

My stone is listed on the site along with FREEWORLD Chairman of the Board, David Rockefeller… and although I did not care for Rudy Gulliani as Mayor his stone was purchased by James Allen who made the donation.

Should any of the aforementioned people actually care to donate, click on the “Find a CobbleStone” tab… on the bottom right there is a link:  I’d Like to Sponsor a Cobblestone or Paver

What should the kids be made to do?  Community Service for the entire summer!

Maybe hiz honner (after making a donation) can have them join a great volunteer group like  W.I.L.D. to get a real NYC education.


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