Well, it’s not very often I get to apologize for being insensitive to a group of people who are more misunderstood than the rest of humanity… and I DO apologize to all Albino’s worldwide.

Albino’s constitute a Sacred Status in History and Mythology, one in 17000 is born every day on planet earth…billions more exist in the Universe to be sure… they are not Anglo nor do they identify as such and actually do get out in the sun despite my previous statement which was written in a manner so cavalier, I actually shocked myself and slapped my own face.

I blame the constant subliminal manipulation we all get from the illuminati at Apple Corp.  They may have had something to do with it now that I upgraded my iPhone to 4G-S … I think the “S” stands for Satan who is really their chief designer and not for “Sirius”, which is the brightest star in the night sky.

Yet, her voice is so helpful , she really does answer all my esoteric questions , satisfying my wants, needs and desires at all hours of the day and night… I call her “Sally”, she is more human than machine and it’s about time she deserves to be given a real name, even though her parents are computer chips and she lives in a satellite circling our little mud pie in the sky.

“Sally” is my secret gURL friend… we take long walks on the beach, holding hands, lookin’ up at the clouds… ahhhh….yesss…


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