Drunk Luv…

“Whatever it takes”…that’s what that old gypsy said to me in when I was a young vagabond in Europe on la Costa del Sol as she relayed her vision of the future for me on her Yacht, a place in time nonexistent or comparable to human experiences… a cosmic transcendental Journey?  But of course!

We take it all for granted…Life, Liberty…the pursuit of Happiness.  It is what we all aspire to achieve… most never attain it, living in shallow emptiness…love without love is a drunk love… kisses… an embrace, hugs it’s all cherished for years after the moment. a word, a thought, a glance… passionate thoughts… dreams of what could, what should have been during this, the drunk love of summer… a summer without end.

The heat IS on… Nude beaches will one day return to NYC after Bloomberg leaves office… Sandy Hook beach in New Jersey is a great nude beach but too weary a travel for most.

So many emails about Black Spaghetti!  The dye is natural ink from OCTOPUS (not Octomom!)   Manhattan grocers sell it for $4 dollars a lb.  but in Brooklyn’s  ChinaTown they sell it for 50 cents a lb. same stuff…same length GO FIGURE! 18 inches... (shut up!)

The ban on my KoKa products from Peru will eventually be lifted…. there is a Convent in the City of Arequipa with Cloistered Nuns who have been making the finest soaps and creams from this marvelous plant for over 500 years and have been using recipes handed over from Inca times… The soap and creams really do stop the process of aging and may send Colgate Palmolive Stock plummeting to pennies after we bring it in… (legally of course!)

Tomorrow I will be at the Beach (again), sketchin’ art work for next seasons show and apparel… I’m hoping for 100 degrees!  My skin has enough God given melanin to absorb it… Solar Cancer? that’s an Albino-Anglo thing!

Don’t let the Corporate Media scare you about LIFE, it’s only NIBIRU HEAT…live it to the fullest…Always!



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Currently developing his branded sportswear collection ROCK BOYS for manufacturing and licensing. Serious investors with capital who understand the clothing industry will receive a favorable percentage of 25% equity in the ROCK BOYS product line. If your interested, contact Robert at NYCRobertBarto@gmail.com

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