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When I think about how selling off my 1976 Berkshire Hathaway stock was a big mistake in the early 80’s… Todays price is now $122,600 per share (arrghhhh!!)

Nevertheless, the other crummy hotel chains I invested in are thankfully reaping successful dividends for me… one learns, (eventually) from experience to pull in the reins every now and then even if it seems to late to do so which brings me to my choice for 2012… Brokers have yet to create a panic for this company but they will after it reaches my target price of $6.00 per share.

Nasdaq OTCBB

SEFE  $0.25 per Share

I want all you hard thinkin’ people to forget everything you’ve ever heard about renewable energy.  Because I’m writing today about a single company – with a revolutionary technology – that could change everything… Simply put, this is an opportunity for all of you folks to get in on the ground floor of what stands to be a historic undertaking for energy which we all need and consume.

I can hear it now... “yeah right Barto…. what are you smokin’?”

FreeWorld Energy Pulsar X Image

Well, let me tell you… The U.S. government and 33 state governments mandate the use of energy sources like the one this company produces and this company’s proprietary methodology involves a source of renewable energy which is much cheaper and far more portable than other alternative sources.

Click on this link to read the CEO Letter to Shareholders which explains the entire process in detail:

My Advise: If your part of the 1%99% … or a member of my category… the Zero percent 0% … Buy a couple hundred or thousand shares and you’ll be good to go for many, many years.


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