Time Traveling

Well, It’s been over a month since my last post for several reasons, some of which are self evident… and no, I will not be “retiring” to Cuzco this year or the next, as indicated by various folks in and around my life who are prone to gossip by starting rumors of my final exit from NYC… when that happens, believe me, you’ll all know about it.

Just because we are half way through 2012 and six months down the road before Nibiru will effect the magnetic poles, causing our globe to stop spinning for three days, I thought now would be a good time to ponder the festivities of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrated this past week in merry old England, watching the British Monarchy celebrate it’s continuity is still a mystery to me.

Considering all that is going on in the world with wars, starvation, murder, scandals, religiosity and all the current political hogwash within governments worldwide as well as the unstoppable economic collapse should Spain, Italy or Greece default in the Euro-Zone (EZ), despite those realities, we mere mortals will also begin to experience a major shifting of conscience after the galactic cleansing, rest assured though… Her Majesty The Queen, will save us all!

Mrs. Vincent Astor once told me in 1973 at a private party in the Library:

“If someone thinks they know more than you, sometimes there is nothing you can do to dissuade them.  Just be watchful, and make sure that they don’t make any mistakes based on their ignorance.  In time, they will probably start seeing the truth of the matter”.

Many of you who are still alive are beginning to at least understand this and that is a good thing.

Stock picks …next post!

 Inka “Bob” is alive and living in NYC

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