In Mint we Trust!

I took a break from the fight to go across the street to my neighbors “Mint Julep” party to enjoy the running of the Kentucky Derby, got zonked… and was surprised to later learn Cotto had stood up to 12 rounds with Mayweather, it shows he had the stamina and surprised everyone, including me.

OctoMom makes her first a wack-off movie in order to buy a house and send her 14 kids to college when they grow up… which is great ’cause all you people who only criticized her and were too cheap to donate a little bit of greenbacks to her children’s educational fund and could not find it your hearts to send her $20 dollars to help well, she won’t need your BS any more, funny how the Dugar family with 20 kids got lot’s of freebies from church groups and corporate sponsors… pretty unfair if you ask me.

Here is OctoMom’s link to donate whatever you can to help her and her kids…

If your exist only to complain about her, your not helping her or her kids, you are actually part of the problem!

And just when you thought the country was safe from suicide bombers wearing underwear’s of mass destruction in our friendly skies…

Along comes 33yo Susan Eman who weights in at 756 lbs. and is half way towards reaching her goal of 1600 lbs. and as the picture shows…it’s real baby!  She could be the new icon for Home Land Security by sitting on any terrorist to snuff out any exploding devices… like “Marijuana”???

Yep!  What the TSA is really looking for is all that interstate weed being passed within the country, and with Connecticut becoming the newest State to legalize Medical Cannabis last Saturday…

I surmise New York is next which will be the beginning of the end for prohibition on the Federal level… (New Jersey legalized it in 2010)  the total now is 17 States with 14 other States considering it as indicated on the NORML map below 

Click on the map to read it

My Stock picks for this summer are…. wait!  It’s not summer yet!

Moving along…  yes, I do plan on “retiring” to Peru eventually and  I am currently working to get my farm back in tip-top shape, below is an illustration of how the restoration will look when completed, the main house is in the foreground with all the cottages, barns and storehouses cascading into the valley… it’s all Inca design and totally off the grid way on up in the Andes Mountains and will become the center of all my activities…


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