Friday the 13th…

Most of you know by now the worlds entire economic system is about to collapse, so investing in Wall Street today is like pissing’ into the wind regardless of the hype about an improving economy, my scenario for this catastrophe goes something like this… the market drops 200 on Monday, 103 Tuesday, Wednesday they’ll say the economy is turning around and it goes up 130… By Friday folks figure out it was all smoke and mirrors and the Dow drops down another 175… believe it… because Gold is set to climb past the $2000 per oz. level by September which will make this investor sagging all the way to the bank…. oh, but wait!  Sagging is now being punished with jail time. (yikes!)

It’s one thing to sag in public, but that dude in Alabama who sagged his way into court last week got 3 days in jail ’cause the Judge was offended… which I doubt was the real reason.

I feel bad for the kid, after all it’s his “style”, he didn’t know any better and was only saggin’, I bet some inmates will want a piece of his saggy butt while in Jail… nice going Judge,  pretty harsh sentence in my opinion!

I also predict there will be mass sagging protests around the country to free all those dudes from incarceration when the numbers swell into the thousands and I can not help to think about that lady who stripped down totally at the Denver airport this week, she just may become America’s “Lady Godiva” leading the charge for wrongful emancipation!

I’m not even going to discuss the 600 lb. dude who was stuck in his house which required a wall to be removed so he could be hoisted with a crane on to a flatbed truck in order to go to the hospital…

I can not fathom how he will sagg after being released.


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