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Hi all!

When I’m not drawing pretty flowers or cartoons, I’m usually on lock down working on ZAX and other related product developments for 2033… below is one sketch out of 478 drawings I have done to date, it’s a small sampling of how our next cycle is shaping up which will give you an idea of our future plans… it’s ok for you to click on it, I removed most of my codex info and data.

click on the pic to see details.

I also want to share some other exciting news!

Our new group W.I.L.D. for Prospect Park was formed to help mitigate some of the human/wildlife conflict issues in the park (fishing line/barbed hook issue, trash and barbecue issues and the feeding of human food to the waterfowl.)  We’ve been working on this for a few months and are now in partnership with the park working with Emily Lloyd and Eric Landau of the Prospect Park Alliance.

We will be working in tandem with the Audubon Center and the Prospect Park Volunteer Corps a few times a month and will be scanning the lakeside for threats to wildlife as well as getting out there to educate park visitors on the wildlife and how human activity affects the environment and what they can do to help keep the park safe for both people and wildlife.

Our fun, monthly events will always convene at the Audubon Center and continue along the perimeter of the lakeside…  spread the word about W.I.L.D. !  … click on the links in the right hand column to get involved!


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