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I never thought how hungry I was for Taco Bell since hearing how East Haven Mayor, Joe Maturo quipped about serving the Latino community tacos, I wish we had a Taco Bell In NYC because when it comes to cheap junk food there is no other and I really love their crispy tacos with a serving of pintos beans with cheese!

The mayor’s woes began Tuesday with the announcement that  the FBI had arrested four East Haven police officers on charges that they conspired to deprive Latinos and other residents of their constitutional rights. The charges include multiple counts of excessive force, false arrest, obstruction and conspiracy.

Mario Diaz interviewed the mayor later about the arrests and how he would respond to the fallout.

At one point in the exchange, Diaz asked Maturo: “What are you doing for the Latino community today?”

The mayor replied on camera: “I might have tacos when I go home. I’m not quite sure yet.”

They now want him to step down… but first they’ll show how angry they are with him.

More than 2,000 tacos were delivered to the office of East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo on Thursday, ordered by people who found his comments insensitive racially offensive. The send-the-mayor-a-taco campaign, which took off via tweets, cellphone texts and social-media shares, was organized by Reform Immigration for America, a group that advocates comprehensive immigration reform.

Another bulk order of 500 tacos was hand-delivered to the mayor’s office by members of Junta for Progressive Action, a Latino nonprofit in New Haven, others citizens texted in individual orders which they paid in full.

And then it occurred to me… they sent him free tacos???

He’s gettin’ a Free Lunch!  Wow! In today’s economy it seems like a good incentive to make racist, insensitive remarks if your planing on throwing a party and want to save on the food bill.

Just think of all the food a politician can get if they offend the Chinese on Friday nights, Italians on Saturdays, India on Mondays, and Greek on Wednesdays.   What nationality is pancakes?

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