Congress got nervous, frightened really…and the People won!

Most likely they will rename SOPA & PIPA next time around, maybe with a tag saying it will help the environment or prevent childhood obesity and call it the SUCKA (Stop Urban Chestnuts Koolin’ America) … a Bill which will sail through Congress meeting the approval of everyone.

The FBI is flexing muscle too, by shutting down MegaUplaoad, (it’s really all for TVmedia News)YouTube and FaceBook are next, I suppose all computer tech labs at Harvard, Princeton and Yale will be too, since those folks are into “sharing” downloaded files, sellin’ em to their friends for big bucks.

I wish the Government would spend 1/10th the time they invest in “Copyright Piracy” like enforcing the CAN-SPAM laws which are on the books and begin shutting down the people who send malicious SPAM via email… within the last 2 hrs I must have gotten 20 junk mail adverts for either boner pills, get rich on the internet schemes or fake universities and even though I’m on the “do not call” list,  I still get 1-2 phantom PHONE calls A DAY from marketers hoping I’ll call back to subscribe to something I don’t need or want like a vacation in exotic …. ahem, Florida?  oh, yeah right, I really wanna to go there… sigh.

New apparel concepts coming for those “special agents” who actually take my calls on the phone… thank you!


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