In 2006, Danae & I took a cruise to the Caribbean for business and pleasure, we left New York Harbor while Hurricane Ernesto was making it’s entrance into New York Harbor, my buddy Captain Frank who is on the following pictures rode hurricane waves like a true surfer, at one point the ship heaved 45 degrees, we all thought we were done and yea, there were lot’s of sea sick passengers for a couple of days including Danae.

Nevertheless, I gave Captain Frank high marks for his handling of his ship, he threw a party a couple days later for Danae after learning it was her Birthday, or was it to appease me?

One will never know since I consumed more than my share of food and beverages, had a great time and forgot almost everything I was supposed to remember.

Despite the festive atmosphere on all cruise lines, Frank would never abandon his crew or passengers, it’s really tragic to read how Schettino in Italy jumped ship to save his cowardly ass.


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