Art of Gold…

My financial adviser sent me an email today, telling me to not take my eyes off Europe… He said Uncle Sam is benefiting from the instability of the Euro and simple folks like you and me will continue to flock to the dollar to buy the safety and liquidity of Treasuries… hmmm.

I’ve been loading up on gold for several years and my advice to him was, if Uncle Sam is printing money like an idiot flipping flapjacks at a county fair, everyone needs to own gold now before it shoots up to $20,000. per ounce

My analytical mind tells me the euro will fall back down to at least 125 or more very soon despite the fact it finally broke the 130 level, most serious economists believe the euro-zone  will be in a recession for many, many, years…

The GOLD chart above illustrates a long-term trajectory showing many consolidation periods in gold’s bull market.  I use the gold ETF chart because it has the best weekly chart for gold. (consolidation periods can last a few months to a few years).

Good news:  Expect new highs! …especially with the euro-zone’s sovereign debt crisis.


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