The current sex scandals, wars, economic doom & gloom pale in comparison to recent revelations about arsenic being put into our food supply.

I already knew way back in 1968 as a teen that the Government (FDA) was allowing harmful substances into the food supply under the guise of  “enrichment” or “protection” because cancer levels were beginning to rise out of nowhere back then… I suspected the water was being treated with toxins and low and behold, after all these years it had been secretly put in our All-American drink…  Apple Juice!

Why would they allow this heinous practice of adding poisons into the food chain?  The answer is simple, It’s called “Population Control”… yes, Our Government wants to kill or “thin out” the USA because in their eyes there are too many people in the Country which they are unable to manage now and in the future.

The only person you can trust for information about getting the right products and nutritional proteins your body needs to stay healthy is on the two links below from Dr. Rima Laibow.



On a brighter note… Christmas lights add a nice twinkle and are a delight to see, they add a little bit of cheer, especially on the streets when folks decorate their homes inside and out, It makes me forget all about the political hypocrisy for a couple of weeks… I always focus on celebrating the end of another disastrous year on planet earth in anticipation of bringing in the New Year with a little help from my friends… and I’m glad to have reached the 2000+ mark in so short a time!


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