I have updated our “Distribution Network”  chart to include the Isabella Indian Reservation of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council, which is located in Isabella County, smack dab in the central part of the state of Michigan who has become our newest supporter regarding our economic plans.

We desire to rebuild industries’ in the USA, create jobs and market our exciting products to existing Global markets.

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Many of you know we are also planing to bring Hydro Power to kick-start the Michigan Auto Industry if enough people support our proposition by supporting the science of Free Energy, click on the ZAX link in the side bar for more info.

There are some small parcels of off-reservation trust land in Standish Township, Arenac County, near Saginaw Bay, southeast of the city of Standish which looks promising and available, but I won’t count my chickens’ untill they hatch.

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The reservation’s total land area is 217.671 square miles and has an approximate population of 25,000 residents.  The largest community on reservation land is the city of Mount Pleasant, with about 9500 residents living on the reservation’s side of the line that establishes the city’s border.

Tax structures need to be worked out due to the different policies of reservation’s, some Nations have 0% tax while others do levy a fee.


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