I’m really tired of Orwellian Government Corporate Media (OGCM)  these days “informing” the public on TV NeWS about sexual scandals, murders, corruption and all the other sewage they dig up everywhere.  Why?  Because they do it primarily so their sponsors who advertise on their networks hope we will want to buy more toilet paper, mouthwash and other intoxicating products.

TV NEWS is sort of like of watching people who have been drugged to read a teleprompter, cheerfully explaining a nervous breakdown… telling us we all have to tune in again for more details... tomorrow!

In any case, welcome to third world USA, which actually began in 2008 but is more of a reality today.

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Thanks to the policies from both Republican AND Democratic parties, the USA is posed to go the way most Empires eventually go in a couple of months after the EURO defaults, (thanks for nothing Greece!)  What? you may ask… the USA will be going bankrupt? …yep! …and you thought I was joking.

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My solution for the Post Office to offset costs without blaming it on the internet is simple… offer internet service to everybody around the world at rates 50% or lower than Time Warner, Sprint, Verizon and all the rest.

Billions will be pouring back in, guaranteed!


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