ZERO % percent

I’m running out of puke.

The Penn State saga of young 8-10 year old boy(s) getting banged in the shower with Sandusky is only the beginning of the end of Penn State as a University, after the law suits are tallied they will no doubt be in the millions… Penn State shareholders choose to fire JoPa as the fall guy even though he did report it to Campus Police, who DID NOTHING as well as the President who NEVER reported it to the State Police, the higher ups are all guilty, the shareholders should fire them all without receiving severance or pensions.

The revelations about what’s been going on at Dover Air base for many years regarding how our Government has been disposing body parts of soldiers by cremation, then dumping them in a garbage dump or “landfill” which may sound nicer but still kinda awful.  What the frak is wrong with them?  It’s a know fact known all governments around the world operate in a corrupt manner… doesn’t mean you have to be azz-holes to prove it.

You would think Military Brass had a little more sense regarding fellow soldiers who fight to defend the interests of Uncle Sam abroad for resources (Oil, copper, manufacturing, etc.), or at the very least have a reverence for human remains, apparently at the time they did not.  The current policy since 2008 is to cast body parts or cremated remains out to sea which seems like feeding the fishes to me.

It would be a nice gesture if the Oil companies, Banks and Wall Street Investment houses choose to set up a cemetery and fund where they could at least acknowledge the body parts and remains which are the results of people working on their behalf, why… the MASONS could even build a pyramid on the Mall in Washington, DC. with the all seeing eye as a tribute to the once almighty dollar.


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