Penn State

Who would have though College Football would now be in the same league with the Vatican.

American Football is a sexual Sport compared to Soccer…. lot’s of body contact, dudes piling up on each other, tight pants, crotch pullin’  and butt slappin’, is it any wonder Sandusky went overboard?  Might as well throw in a late night Riot by students just for fun now that the rules have changed.

The original DA on the case has dissapeare­d mysterious­ly. This should not be forgotten, and investigat­ed fully!  Read the full story on the following link.

My intuition tells me the DA who did not prosecute Jerry Sandusky was involved as well because Sandusky was also pimping out boys to government leaders, politicians, millionaires and other “respectable” citizens in and around Penn State.

He saw what was coming in 2005 and choose to disappear.  I believe his involvement would show he too had engaged in sex with children as young as 8-10 years old provided by Sandusky.

I’m not sure why the parents who reported this to the missing DA in 1998 did not confront Sandusky directly and in public, were the parents intimidated by the police force who may have also been involved with the cover up?  Lot’s of weirdness going on!

Most likely the missing DA is living in Mexico or some other country or hiding out in the USA with a different name and identity.

College Football will never be the same after this… I think I just threw up in my mouth.


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