1200+ hits!

Update: I love getting all of your messages, and I’ve been trying to respond to everyone, even if it’s only to say, “thanks.” Sadly, I can’t make the time to respond to everyone anymore. So if you write to me and don’t hear back – rest assured, it’s appreciated… and for all you folks who are expressing a financial interest about this venture…

 click on the pic below to get additional information.

On a closing note… I’m almost out of the 300 lbs of Dead Sea salt I brought back from ISRAEL with Danae so I could soak all the pain and misery of NYC away while relaxing in the tub… well I’m down to a couple of ounces, I should have shipped back  more salt and MUDD.

click the pic to see my muddy club


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Currently developing his branded sportswear collection ROCK BOYS for manufacturing and licensing. Serious investors with capital who understand the clothing industry will receive a favorable percentage of 25% equity in the ROCK BOYS product line. If your interested, contact Robert at NYCRobertBarto@gmail.com

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