Daily Archives: October 27, 2011

the Code

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We hope to get out again before the cold weather sets in.  After that, our newly formed group which is called W.I.L.D. (Wildlife Interests Learning and Development) will start to brainstorm for next spring… In addition to what we are currently doing in Prospect Park… we may set up a movable “base camp” near the feeding area with biofacts, info, activities for visitors.  Perhaps this would be something we could do on-site when the new Lakeside renovations are completed.

Our Mission statement is as follows:

W.I.L.D. (Wildlife Interests Learning and Development) for Prospect Park is a group of community members committed to ensuring that Prospect Park is safe and healthy for all animals and plants that call the park’s incredible ecosystem home.
W.I.L.D. seeks ways to address and remedy hazards to flora and fauna, and identify solutions towards an improved environment.
W.I.L.D. aims to promote compliance with Prospect Park’s established rules and respect urban wildlife and fostering empathy for all non-human beings with whom we share this multi-purpose park space.

And now for the code…

Carl Munck has always been my inspiration, he knows his math and reveals all the secrets to tapping into the matrix of our planet, watch his videos and learn.

Active Matrix Clothing… what does that actually mean?

Would it not be wonderful if we could use our clothing to communicate with each other rather than rely on an old fashioned (cumbersome!) iPhone or other communication gadgets?

Think about it… never having to pay the phone company those crazy monthly fees for people to simply talk to each other, how awesome would that be!

Well, just to reassure you kids… I AM working on it and will be introducing ENON & ZOEE ® clothing for your Active Matrix Lifestyle,  unless of course, I don’t get hauled off to another galaxy by next year… below is my hangtag, click it!