Urn canceled…

by Oonagh Reidy | Monday | 10/10/2011
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Apple’s founding father was buried on Friday, according to conflicting reports we have received.

The cremation plans were not carried through due to religious concerns by his family.

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Jobs’ Jewish religion would have dictated burial after 24 hours of his death.
New details have also emerged about Jobs biological father, Abdulfattah “John” Jandali, who was said to be in e-mail contact with his estranged son, whom he never met.However, the messages initiated by his father, were brief – a simple “Happy Birthday” or “I hope your health is improving.”Mr. Jandali said he recieved two replies, one that simply stated “Thank you.”
The Syrian native was said to have found out only a few years ago that Jobs was his biological son.Jobs, who passed away on Wednesday last, aged 56, after losing his eight-year long battle with pancreatic cancer.
There was no autopsy… According to his death certificate, he was buried at a non-denominational cemetery in Santa Clara County on Oct. 7
All further inquiries for the public will be made available tomorrow in the office of the coroner in Palo Alto.

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