Daily Archives: October 4, 2011

Sweet stuff..

OK, ok… I know my underwear figures were a bit high for cotton goods in these hard economic times, some dudes are wearing them ’till they get as dog-eared as a good book!  …and that’s ok… but, do I have to remind you we live in a global economy?  When you factor in these super soft compression shorts with my special blend of fibers, hey! … you can pump up our earnings to 100-150 million per year, watching all your favorite stars on TV showing them off in public… and that’s no joke.

click on this sketch 2x’s to see the waistband details.

Well,  the lowdown here in NYC is all about finally being able to use cell phones 100 feet (30 meters) below ground in selected subway stations which is nothing compared to what Russia has been doing for years… last time I was in Moscow ( 2009), their spider-web system was 90 meters or more (295 feet) below the surface of the earth and folks were chattin’ it up while the train was moving… now THAT’s incredible!  …and yes, Russia will be an important player in future sporting events, ROCK BOYS ® fashions at the Olympics? ..but of course dahlink!

click on the pics to see it bigger & better!

Here’s your Map for gettin’ around..

I hope New York will eventually catch up with Russia in terms of communication, underground that is… if yah know what I mean.