Cyber Vision

Well, I finally traded in my Marriott points and put my Aruba & Las Vegas properties up for sale… (hey! I may as well get in on the “SELL” frenzy too, before the dollar collapses).

The great thing about having all those points is to use them later for useful things, like the humongous  Sharp 60″ LCD Aquos Quad Pixel TV  (it’s only 3/4″ thin!) I got it for Danae so she could watch all of her favorite wrestlers on WWE Smackdown Fridays.

Below is a collage I’ve assembled of her NINE All-Time favorites… click on the pic to see ’em.

I will keep my Lake Tahoe digs in California in order to maintain my glaucoma prescription(s) which I am told will improve my vision the older I get…

oh, did I forget to mention I’m still looking for that special investor who has enough of a shared vision to see the potential of co-producing ROCK BOYS ® with me?

Maybe the following promo ad will give you an idea about what it’s gonna be all about…

click on it, I guarantee it will improve your vision.


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Currently developing his branded sportswear collection ROCK BOYS for manufacturing and licensing. Serious investors with capital who understand the clothing industry will receive a favorable percentage of 25% equity in the ROCK BOYS product line. If your interested, contact Robert at

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