Apparel… Made in America

I know, I know… underwear is not exactly a hot topic or News worthy compared to the Euro defaulting, gay dudes in the military coming out in droves, or the 2012 Mayan calendar, but it is a major part of my business and it will be the catalyst to fund other ventures I have with affiliate members like our Free Energy devices for home use, Hydro Power for cars, Vehicles for air travel and a host of other products which will make your lives more enjoyable in the coming years of 2030-40 and beyond.

This mutual journey, which we will continue to embark on begins with the most basic piece of apparel, the foundation of all civilizations, past present and future… underwear.

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Failure is not an option… Strengthening our alliance as the years move on is.

With that thought in mind, Peru has some of the worlds best cotton if we eventually manufacture way down yonder in Inca Land.

All products will be stamped with a “Made in America” tag on it rather than a “Made in USA” and that’s A-OK as far as I’m concerned… Canada has great distribution networks which are being explored for European markets… Assembled in Los Angeles? hmmm… maybe.

Sales are calculated to generate between 5-10 million (US) dollars per year with 24 deliveries (500 stores), compounding to 30-50 million (US) dollars (1200 stores).


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Currently developing his branded sportswear collection ROCK BOYS for manufacturing and licensing. Serious investors with capital who understand the clothing industry will receive a favorable percentage of 25% equity in the ROCK BOYS product line. If your interested, contact Robert at

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