In 1962 at the tender age of 7 while traveling to summer camp from the old Penn Station in NYC to a community in what could only be described as rural, passing lush farmland about an hour en route, I noticed a black rectangle in the distance which seemed to be gliding on the curvature of a rainbow… I turned and said to my teacher, “There’s a train in the Rainbow”, but when I turned my head towards the window to show her it was gone, she smiled and said I have a “wonderful imagination”.

This same black rectangle came back in 1977 while I was living a rather decadent life in California, enjoying the pleasures of the flesh as most 23 year old’s are prone to do, it was spinning on it’s axis with a slight angle, it hovered approximately 30 feet from me making a vibrating, crackling  sound… I could see the spheres clearly, the sound of hissing, glowing red/pink crystals were sectioned off and protected by what looked a wire grill… weird, I thought, what the heck is it?

Today, I now know it is an Arcturian Beam Ship which has been guiding (protecting? snooping?) me since birth… it has been a contentious relationship.

I am not threatened by it, even though there are many people who are fearful of coming into contact with a higher intelligence.  I also do not consider it a UFO because as it pertains to me on a personal and yes, spiritual level, I have identified it… so it is no longer a mystery to me.

Subsequent to this and other experiences over the years, telepathic contact was made in 1992 with the entity commanding this craft who said his name is ENON which as it was explained to me means, “Bright Star”…  following this exchange, a code name “ZAX” was assigned by military personel to all my online artwork and communications in order to keep my identity private and preserve my sanity.

Being full of “imagination” which my teacher had earlier exclaimed, the name ENON eventually found itself incorporated into a cartoon I was developing for the now defunct Atari gaming platform (520ST &  Falcon), after the company went belly up, the reality of the situation was less than I desired, but at least I knew where I stood and continued working towards renewing my plans in such a way that they would fit in with future revelations and technological changes which the Arcturians were always streaming into my subconscious.

Barto with fur on face 1994

I did not wallow in self-pity after seeing how things did not work out the way I wanted them… If I did that, no good would ever come out of it.  So, I focused on building myself up again, working with what I had, which was a great product… until 9/11 when I lost all my data and friends with the collapse of the WTC which literally tore me again from my objectives, shaking my mental equilibrium, making it go off balance for many years.

The loss of my friends was profound.

I continued to develop ENON & Zoee products which became a sort of therapy for me… it was a personal salvation which comforted me in the solitude of despair.

Below is the current vector logo for ENON, the word Zoee was added by my wife who inspired me to create another character, she is connected to this reality on another level as well.

Also below are a couple cartoon samples introducing ENON & Zoee (circa 1992) to the public… the product was very busy hosting online parties with fellow associates and friends including Julian Assange, who created WikiLeaks in 2006.

(click on the art for a better view)

So that’s basically how this product came to exist, you can see how the Arcturian influence worked it’s way into this product and despite the fact it has laid dormant for many years, I will be bringing it back for all the new kids on the block so they can write new codes into clothing… hmmm, maybe we’ll market ENON & Zoee as a drone or iPhone app?

The possibilities are endless as we go forward into 2030 and beyond into the unknown world of tomorrow where passing thoughts stay frozen in time, like ice… which never melts.


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