Labor of Love

Several years ago, I experienced a vision which involved a pyramid thrusting itself out of a lagoon, it was ethereal, not solid except the base which was ebony black with circular lights undulating in four sequential colors, it rotated exposing an entrance which was flooded with a bright, purely sacred, glowing white light, it seemed to invite my mind to enter into it but I used caution and resisted, it then disappeared…

When I was a vagabond  in Peru, my cousin gave me turquoise stones, which were originally human bones, transformed into turquoise which was a common burial practice in pre-Inca times by the Wari civilization in Ayacucho.

This process of alchemy is sadly long gone from the ancient sciences…However, he told me to place them inside a pyramid in order to communicate with our ancestors for guidance and protection untill we meet them in death because, he said… that’s when life really begins!

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After Hurricane Irene passed over NYC, I noticed a lot of turquoise beads on the street and sidewalks which had fallen to the ground as a consequence of the storm… my neighbor who has the ability to channel energies from other dimensions told me these stones were sucked up from the bottom of the ocean by hurricane Irene and swirled around the clouds only to be dropped down in Brooklyn, and for that reason I should put them into a pyramid to connect with the lost city of Atlantis.

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So, you might be asking what does this have to do with you? … well I’m not too sure, but the parallels surrounding my associations with these turquoise artifacts is much more than a coincidence, it’s very much like our casual relationships, we human beings have nothing in common except our deep and abiding love of each other and of life.

Happy Labor Day!


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