Panic in the streets!

The 5.4 Earthquake which hit New York City… rattling everyone into a dazed and confused frenzy is nothing compared to the announced arrival of  hurricane Irene who plans to make a grand appearance with a fury not seen in decades around these North East shores.

Folks are stripping the shelves bare at local food markets, bread & milk are always the first to go on the food chain… next is chopped meat, I suppose for those windy hamburger nights which are to come… also PEZ candy is an item which is instantly sold out and I’m not sure why… is it for the sugar or the toy?

Now I don’t want to say why the weather has been off kilter for this year with record earthquakes and volcanoes erupting everywhere… or all those dagnabbit sinkholes popping up in Michigan which have begun to disrupt the stability of the ground… hmmm.

Some of my readers have reported Indonesia is truly sinking… fear not!  In reality… the sea levels are rising due to increased solar activity melting the poles…. same thing?

In any event, shopping for survival during these times of calamity has become a spectator sport of  sorts, and it’s good to see people stocking up on provisions, heck even the liquor stores are doing a brisk business!

Inquiries I have received lately, from my fans…

“…should we stop living when the end is near?”

No… you were born to be Alive, now STFU!

“…why should I worry about this?”

Worry just a little bit, especially if you run out of toilet paper.

“Is it proper to party while all this is happening?”

Yes,  always enjoy the force of nature, celebrate it and  be thankful for having the opportunity of experiencing it, Life goes on… you fool!

On that happy note… ENJOY!

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