Cognitive Dissonance Overload

Swimming the waterways of New York City is a tradition that began in the 1800s and was revived by NYC Swim in 1993.  The Brooklyn Bridge Swim began in 2006 and is now an annual event which includes a 1K swim across the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can compete individually or join a team from Manhattan or Brooklyn in the Battle of the Bridge.  For more info:

I’m not exactly sure how the Hudson & East river’s became a hot spot for all manner of aquatic sports, but I’m glad it has… Kayaking, wind sailing, surfing and swimming are now all the rage along our shores and yes,  I will be participating in 2012 now that Mr. Jonathan Galvas has agreed to join me for a dip in our muddy waters next year… hope he doesn’t chicken out!

click on the artwork and get muddy wet!

You all know I am a consummate beach bum, and all this H2o activity lead me inwards toward introspection about my own youthful swim across the Hudson River to New Jersey when I was a mere 19 years of age, (it was on a dare by my maniac “friends” of the time).

I thought about it for a while… then my mind went into reverse like a hard drive searching for loss data… I began to recall a story about a Native American called Joe Two Trees, born sometime in the 1840’s around where Orchard Beach in the Bronx is today.  He lived well into 1920’s and was literally The Last Algonquin.

His life story, written by Theodore L. Kazimiroff and published in 1982 by Walker & Co.  paints a picture of his dad’s association with Joe Two Trees whom he stumbled upon as a young boy and who was still living in and around those woodlands which would eventually become the sprawling parkland we know today as Pelham Bay Park.   In any case, if the spirit of Joe Two Trees is watching over New York City, he must be pleased to see people re-connecting with the rivers once again…  Algonquin style!

My kinda burger…

This is how I like it!

My hamburger buddy, Christopher Matthews, a literary chum who hails from those bygone days at Walker & Co.  now living on the West Coast of this great continent, may recall the tome mentioned above.  (I also have to remind him from time to time about the burger he owes me!)  I’m so hungry for a west coast burger with all the trimmings, I just may take the next flight out to San Francisco at any moment so he can make good on his 29 year promise!


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