Rock Boys… Jurassic!

Zillions of years ago,  Rock Boys used whatever was in their surroundings to shield themselves from the harsh climates… human fossils from the Arctic Circle saw evidence of  Rock Boys clothing made of fur and animal skin.  As life became more and more fast-paced, a new element was soon incorporated into Rock Boys clothing– comfort.   Looking good became as important as feeling good and today,  Rock Boys is an important factor of self-expression for young men.  (click on art to see construction details)

Men want casual clothes which do not need special cleaning or tedious caring and in response to this need, FreeWorld Apparel Group will nurtured new fabrics and apply different methods of making clothes for today’s active matrix lifestyle.

Rock Boys  clothing is Eco-friendly, comfortable sportswear which breaths like skin and expresses the inner needs, wants, beliefs, passions and desires of all men.

Rock Boys fashion will continue to evolve and  will become a major player in  apparel to influence and develop emerging technologies… setting the trends of utility and design will always be key elements in Rock Boys clothing.


About robertbarto

Currently developing his branded sportswear collection ROCK BOYS for manufacturing and licensing. Serious investors with capital who understand the clothing industry will receive a favorable percentage of 25% equity in the ROCK BOYS product line. If your interested, contact Robert at

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