With the passage of the Marriage Equality Law in New York I hope we citizens can now move forward with more important issues concerning profitable governance… whew!

And just because I have INCA blood coursing through my veins does not mean I intend to stop educating people about this continent called America… so let’s all learn a little bit about where you are and where your going because Marriage is not  the bed of roses some would have you think… it means you’ll pay less taxes, yes… and that’s nice as long as your spouse is un-employed or makes peanuts, but the real kicker here is only one person will be able to collect Social Security… surprise!

Yep… and if two persons are working professionals with high incomes, Uncle Sam will still payout only ONE check to a married couple when you both reach retirement age…. hmmmm seems the government is hoodwinking a certain percentage of the population again!

In any case, these will be new times and experiences and new designs for Flags to end the Inca Dinka confusion in Peru… click on the full article below from our correspondent in merry ‘ole London.


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